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Sealweld ACTIV-8® is the favorite pump of professional valve technicians. The ACTIV-8® is capable of drawing product directly from a 10 pound can and is capable of running on compressed air, bottled air or natural gas in an emergency.

  • Generates up to 10,000 PSI injection pressure when required

  • Controls the quantity of lubricant/sealant being injected; prevents over-lubrication

  • Rugged steel frame and pneumatic tires make this pump ideal for field and plant work

  • Air/hydraulic motor is powered by compressed air, bottled air or natural gas

  • Simple design makes field repairs quick and easy

  • Delivers lubricant/sealant at up to 1 pound every 70 seconds

  • High speed action cuts valve maintenance time by up to 75% on large diameter valves and at facilities with many valves

  • Patented ACTIV-8® delivers valve cleaners, lubricants and sealants faster than any other pump on two wheels

  • High-speed action and 10 pound (5 quart) capacity makes this pump ideal for pipelines and large plants

  • Complete with 10 foot sealant hose, swivels and coupler. 15,000 PSI gauge and guard is also standard equipment. Longer hoses are available on request

  • Built-in air filter/lubricator system

  • Each pump comes complete with an owner's manual and an 8 minute DVD describing safe operating procedures



1ACTIV-8® Frame (bare)R-A8-011
1B1-1/2" Frame PlugsR-A8-01B4
2T-Handle AssemblyR-A8-02
2AT-Handle (bare)R-A8-02A1
2B1" Frame PlugsR-A8-02B4
2CCapped Sealant Fitting 1/4" Carbon SteelF-SC1/4-BH-CS1
2DT-Handle Large Eye HookR-A8-531

Washer - 1/4"R-A8-321

1/4" Nylock Lock NutR-A8-331
3APneumatic WheelR-A8-03P12
3B1/2" x 3-1/4" New Style AxleR-A8-03P52
5Kick Stand AssemblyR-A8-05
5AKick StandR-A8-05A1
5BKick Stand Set ScrewR-A8-05B1
5CKick Stand BoltR-A8-341
5DWasher - 1/4"R-A8-322

1/4" Nylock Lock NutR-A8-331
7Jack AssemblyR-A8-07

Jack CollarR-A8-07AC1

Jack Handle with Grip AssemblyR-A8-07B1
7DJack Handle with GripR-A8-07B21

Washer - 1/4"R-A8-321
7FJack Pull-Down SpringsR-A8-07C2
7GJack Pull-Down BarR-A8-07D1
7IUpper Eye BoltsR-A8-292
7JLower Eye BoltsR-A8-302
7KWasher - 1/4"R-A8-322
7L1/4" Nylock Lock NutR-A8-332
7MJack Bracket BoltsR-A8-50A4
7NJack BracketR-A8-50B4
8Elevator Plate AssemblyR-A8-08
8AElevator PlateR-A8-08A1
8BElevator Plate Back-StopR-A8-08B1
8CBack Stop BoltR-A8-371
8DSlide RailsR-A8-08C2
8ESlide Rail ScrewR-A8-524

Jack Extension AssemblyR-A8-08D
8GSwing BarR-A8-08D11

Dowel Pin - 1/8" x 1/2"R-A8-08E1
8HSwing Bar Bolt - 5/16"R-A8-391
8IWasher - 1/4"R-A8-321
8JSwing Bar Stop BoltR-A8-39A1
9Loading PlateR-A8-091
9ALoading Plate O-Ring - NitrileR-A8-09A1
9BBonded Seal - 5/16"R-A8-09D2
9CLoading Plate Cap Screws – 5/16" x 1"R-A8-09C2
11ALower Loading TubeR-A8-11A1
11BLoading Tube O-Rings - NitrileR-A8-11B2
11CLoading Tube ElbowR-A8-11C1
11DUpper Loading TubeR-A8-11D1
12Vent Valve AssemblyR-A8-12A1
13Loading Tube Gauge – 200 PSIR-A8-131
14Blow Down AssemblyR-A8-14
14AModified Air NippleR-A8-14A1
14BElbow – 45 Degree – LP – M x FR-A8-14B1
14CCollar - Low Pressure - F x FR-A8-14C1
14DCheck ValveR-A8-14D1
14ELow Pressure TeeR-A8-14E1
14FRelief Valve - 200 PSIR-A8-14F1
14GLow Pressure Nipple – 1/4"R-A8-14G1

Quick CouplerR-A8-14H1

Filter/Lubricator AssemblyR-A8-15
15AAir NippleR-A8-15A1

Air Swivel ElbowR-A8-15F31

Low Pressure HoseR-A8-15F41

Elbow – 90 Degree – LP – F x FR-A8-15F72

Pipe Nipple – LP – 3" – 1/4" NPTR-A8-15F81

Pipe Nipple – LP – 2" – 1/4" NPTR-A8-15F92

Pipe Bracket ScrewsR-A8-15G4

Pipe Bracket Nylock Lock NutsR-A8-15G24

Lubricator/Filter Pipe BracketsR-A8-15G32
15HLarge Air Filter UnitR-A8-15H1
15JLarge Lubricator– 1/4"R-A8-15J1

Lubricator/Filter Bracket SetR-A8-15K1
16A2Air / Hydraulic Motor – OTC PumpR-A8-16A21

Bolts for Metal Pump BoxR-A8-314

Washers - 1/4"R-A8-324
17COTC Hydraulic HoseR-A8-17C1
17DElbow – 90 Degree 1/4" M x 1/4" FR-A8-17D1
18Head AssemblyR-A8-18
18AHead - BareR-A8-18A1
18CSteel Flag Ball for Head – 1-1/4"R-A8-18C1
18DSpring for HeadR-A8-18D1
18EFlow Wolf Cage for HeadR-A8-18E1

Sealant Barrel AssemblyR-A8-19
19ABarrel GasketR-A8-19A1
19BSealant BarrelR-A8-19B1
19CBarrel O-Ring - NitrileR-A8-19C1
19DBarrel End CapR-A8-19D1
20Piston AssemblyR-A8-20
20APiston ScrewR-A8-20A1
20BPiston StopR-A8-20B1
20CNylon Piston CupR-A8-20C1
20DPiston BodyR-A8-20D1
20EPiston O-RingR-A8-20E1
20FPiston End NutR-A8-20F1
20GLeather Piston CupR-HG-08H1

Head and Barrel AssemblyR-A8-21
22B"U" BoltsR-A8-22B2

Washers - 1/4"R-A8-324

3/8" – "U" Bolt - Nylock NutsR-A8-454

High-Pressure Hose AssemblyH-A-HOSE
23AAdapter – 1/4" M x 1/4" MH-AD-4M4M1
23BHigh-Pressure Tee – 1/4" F x 1/4" FH-T-4441
23CHP Gauge Assembly - 15,000 PSIH-GD-01C1
23D"L" Swivel – 1/4" M x 1/2" – 27MH-SV-L11
23EHP 10 foot Hose – 3/8" – 10,000 PSIH-HS-120HP1
23FStraight Swivel 1/4" M x 1/4" – 27 MH-SV-ST11
23GRelease Valve 1/4" M x 1/4" FH-RVAB1
23HSealweld Giant Buttonhead CouplerH-CPSG-21

Pail GuardR-A8-241

Pail Guard Wing Nuts - 5/16"R-A8-482

Minor Repair KitR-A8-25

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