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About Novel Coronavirus—A letter to customers

News February 20, 2020

China fighting

Dear customers,

Recently, we received many concerns about Novel Coronavirus that happend in our city— Wuhan.

Thanks a lot for all your concern. People in Wuhan city is facing challenge, and it's special time for peak migration-Chinese Spring Festival holiday.

Some people has infected novel coronavirus, but most of us are ok. Until now there are no confirmed infection cases in our company, all of us are safe and healthy, but we still take measures to prevent the disease such as disinfection of workshop, temperature checks, health registration, and wearing face masks, etc. 

Coronavirus just happend at special time--Chinese spring Festival , and every years of this time, there is a big inflow and outflow, our government has taken more measures to prevent this disease from spreading between people this time. Several thousand engineers and construction workers built the two specialized hospitals equipped with 2,500 beds in less than 15 days. Doctors developed new medicine to fight against the disease, etc. It's not as serious as imagine. We are confident that it will pass soon.

At the same time, WHO announce that it is safe to receive package from China because coronavirus does not survive long on letters or package. Now we are still receiving orders every day, and trying to delivery goods in time. if you have pending orders, please hurry up.

Please rest assured we will continue to do our best to take good care of the quality and delivery of all your orders,

and keep you updated about your order status from time to time.

Thanks for your kind understanding.


Best regards,



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