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ABB HART Handheld Communicator DHH805-A

News July 24, 2020

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HART Handheld Communicator

DHH805 is a universal portable configuration tool that allows easy parameterization of ABB and third party HART® instruments. Every HART® field device may be configured, polled, and trimmed using the DHH805.


As a full function HART® communicator, the DHH805 supports Universal, Common Practice, and Device Specific commands for commissioning, configuration, and maintenance operations.

The DHH805 provides a full view of device information in a 6 line easy to read display, allowing up to 100 hours of continuous use before recharging.

Standard equipment are anti-static field bag, rechargeable battery pack, additional AA cell spare battery pack, USB connector. All of these components are provided in a robust case for transportation and storage.

Why choose the ABB DHH805 over other brands?

- Fast Power On – 10 Seconds

- Backlight display allows you to work even in remote areas

- Forget expensive license renewal !-- DHH805 works with HART® DDs that you can download free of charge directly from the HART-Foundation website.

- 8 GB SD memory will allow you to store as many HART® DDs as needed (up to 1000) along with 200 separate device configuration files.

• The base version of the DHH805 permits a comprehensive management at generic HART command level of every HART device from every manufacturer and at device specific commands level for ABB HART® instruments including:

- 2600T, 600T, 2000T, and AS800 series pressure transmitters