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MTL CPS16 16-way backplane screw-clamp connector

News September 27, 2022

  • Manufacturer : MTL Instruments

  • Backplane model no.: CPS16

  • Number of modules : 16

  • Safe-area connections : Screw–clamp

  • 16-way backplane screw-clamp connector

  • Product Family : Intrinsic Safety

  • Product Category : IS Isolators

  • General purpose bus powered


  • Surface : SMS01

  • DIN–rail (T or G) : DMK01

  • 19–inch rack : -


  • Earth–rail kit : ERK16

  • Tagging strip kit : TSK16

  • Spare fuse pack : FUS2.0ATE5 or FUS2.5ATE5

  • Weight (without modules or accessories): 419g

  • Actual Dimension Standard Packing Box HXWXD (cm) : 40 x 26 x 32 cm








MTL4600 range of isolators

Specify part number: eg, MTL4611

Individual isolator identification

TH5000 Tag holder (Pack of 20)

Connectors - MTL4600

SAF-CJC Field plug, terminals 1 and 3 with

cold-junction sensor

SAF-CJC2 Field plug, terminals 4 and 6 with

cold-junction sensor

SAF1-3 System plug, terminals 1, 2 and 3

SAF4-6 System plug, terminals 4, 5 and 6

MTL4500/4600 Standard Backplanes

CPS04 4-way backplane screw-clamp connector

CPS08 8-way backplane screw-clamp connector

CPS16 16-way backplane screw-clamp connector

CPS24 24-way backplane screw-clamp connector

MTL4500/4600 Custom Backplanes

Contact MTL for options and advice

MTL4500/4600 Backplane mounting accessories

DMK01 DIN-rail mounting kit, T- or G-section

(pack of 40)

8-way backplanes require 4,

16-way backplanes require 6

SMS01 Surface mounting kit (pack of 40)

4- and 8-way backplanes require 4,

16-way backplanes require 6,

24-way backplanes require 8

HMP24 Horizontal mounting plate and screws for

19-inch rack mounting

24-way backplanes only

BMK08 Mounting kit for one 4- or 8-way backplane

BMK16 Mounting kit for one 16-way backplane

MTL4600 Backplane accessories

ERK08 Earth rail kit for CPS08 backplane

ERK16 Earth rail kit for CPS16 backplane

TSK08 Tagging strip kit for CPS08 backplane

TSK16 Tagging strip kit for CPS16 backplane

TSK24 Tagging strip kit for CPS24 backplane

FUS1.0ATE5 Fuse kit for 4- and 8-way backplanes,

(10 per pack)

FUS2.0ATE5 Fuse kit for 16-way backplane,

(10 per pack)

FUS4.0ATE5 Fuse kit for 24-way backplanes,

(10 per pack)

MCK45 MTL4000 backplane conversion kit

(16 clip pairs per pack)

SCK45 Module 4-clip strips

(10 strips + 40 rivets per pack)

MPL01 Module position label (blank)

(50 per pack)


INM4500 MTL4600 range instruction manual

Configurator and software

PCL45USB Configurator, PC interface and software

PCS45 PC software


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