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New Arrival MTL661 Powered 4–20mA Loop Indicators Displays

News December 08, 2023

MTL660 Loop Powered Indicators

EATON MTL661 Loop Powered Indicators Displays 4–20mA loop

MTL661-Loop Powered Indicators

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The MTL600 range of digital indicators enable process variables to be displayed locally in hazardous and general purpose plant areas. 

A typical example would be the re-transmission of mass/flow computations from the safe area, through a suitable MTL IS interface to the indicator in the hazardous area.

The displays are loop powered from the 4-20mA process signal and their low voltage drop allows them to be installed in almost any 2-wire, 4–20mA transmitter loop. 

All units can indicate measured values in a linear or a square root extraction mode; the latter being used, for example, to display flow from differential pressure measurement devices such as orifice plates, Dall tubes, or venturi.

The MTL661 Field mounting unit is housed in a tough aluminium enclosure, suitable for wall or pipe mounting. For corrosive atmospheres use the MTL663 - the plastic case provides excellent resistance to harmful contaminents.

The MTL665 is the panel mounted version and is IP65, IP66, IP67 and NEMA4 rated.

MTL66x IS indicators are classified as ‘non-energy storing’ simple apparatus so they can be inserted into any IS loop without recertification.



Excellent resistance to harmful contaminents


Housed in a tough aluminium enclosure


Installed in almost any 2-wire, 4–20mA transmitter loop

Certifications and compliances

ATEX & IECEx approved

For MTL66x & MTL66xB models

Zone 0 mounting

Group IIC & IIIC

T4 temperature classification

Certified for -25°C to +70°C

For MTL66x & MTL66xB models

Class I, II & III Div 1 mounting

Class I Zone 0 mounting

Group IIC

T4 temperature classification


CE marked for compliance with EMC, ATEX and RoHS Directives.

Other approvals

India (PESO)

Russia (EAC)

Approvals held and approval details vary between models. Please refer to certificates for specific details. 

Design Features

  • Loop powered 4-20mA

  • Field and panel mounting

  • Environmental protection to IP67

  • Easy to configure

  • Number of displayed digits configurable

  • Backlight options

  • Zone 2 mounting

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